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My name is Stas Trotsky. I'm 27 and I live in Moscow. Once upon a time, I woke up famous in gay life in Russia, because my private video was uploaded on all famous porn sites without my permission, and people liked me a lot. So I thought that this is my way by destiny, that's why I opened my channel and started to shoot XXX videos. A year later I started my YouTube channel (only in Russian language yet, but this will change). Also I recorded a gay motivation song, you can check it on Apple Music.
Porn actor
When my private video was uploaded to porn sites, my whole life changed. I had 2 ways to go. First one is to hide from everybody, to move to another country (because my is one of the most homophobic), and to start my life from the beginning, OR not to be scared of myself, of who I am, of what people will think about me. I chose the second one. Since I made this decision, a lot of gays in Russia and nearest countries accepted me as the first open gay porn actor and famous open gay here. When people come to say hi on the streets, it makes me feel real.
Year later, when I started my YouTube channel, some gay media asked me for the meeting to make an interview, because as I said, living in such a homophobic country people asked me why I'm not scared to live so openly, how can I live calmly when I receive a lot of messages telling me that they wanna kill me. But this shit means nothing to me. The main thing that makes me said - that I can't love that way I want. I can't kiss my BF on the streets or even hold his hand.
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